visual artist


SteppingStonesThmb TreeRootsThmb
Stepping Stones, 2017
Embroidery 18.75"h x 13.75"w,
framed 25.75"h x 20.75"w.
Available: Tansey Contemporary
Tree Roots, 2017
Embroidery 19.75"h x 15"w,
framed 27"h x 21.5"w.
Available: Tansey Contemporary
IntotheForestThmb Limestone-CliffThmb
Into the Forest, 2017
Embroidery 19.25"h x 15.25"w,
framed 27"h x 22"w. Sold
Limestone Cliff, 2016
Embroidery 19.75"h x 15.25"w,
framed 26.75"h x 22.25"w.
Available: Gravers Lane
BeyondTheTreeThmb GardenAtDawnThmb
Beyond the Tree, 2016
Embroidery 19.5"h x 15.25"w,
26.5"h x 22.25"w. Sold.
Garden at Dawn, 2017
Embroidery 17.5"h x 14"w,
25"h x 21.25"w. Sold
CliffWithCloudsThmb PathWithRootsThmb
Cliff with Clouds, 2017
Embroidery 19.5"h x 13.5"w,
framed 25.5"h x 21.25"w. Sold
Path with Roots, 2016
Embroidery 18.5"h x 13.5"w,
framed 25.5"h x 20.5"w. Sold
ArroyoTreeThmb EncroachingForestThmb
Arroyo Tree #2, 2017
Embroidery 18.75"h x 13"w,
framed 25.75"h x 20.5"w.
Available: Tansey Contemporary
Encroaching Forest, 2017
Embroidery 19"h x 12.75"w,
framed 26"h x 19.75"w.
Available: Tansey Contemporary
AtticWindowThmb YellowWall%26DoorThmb
Attic Window, 2016
Embroidery 19.5"h x 14.25"w,
framed 26"h x 21"w. Sold
Yellow Wall with Door, 2016
Embroidery 179.75"h x 14.5"w,
framed 26.75"h x 21.25"w. Sold